Crown Energy Resources Limited our employees remain our greatest and most important asset in the delivery of services and quality products to our customers. We maintain a team of highly motivated and competent personnel with diversifies skills base and specializations.

The basic ingredient for engagement of employee is merit and ability to perform optimally at his/her position. Each staff member is evaluated and offered a position based on ability, suitability and commitment to deliver on job role and meet specific task expectations.

Sex, race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation are not prerequisite engagement or retention in the company as equal opportunity is given to all staff members to excel in his/her chosen field and career. We continuously encourage personal development and acquisition of new skills and enhancement of knowledge base. We believe that the staff member is responsible for his or her development within the organisation and the company provides the right framework for meeting those aspirations through training and re-training.

With the family structure in place, motivated employees tend to infest each other through mutual cooperation in support of strengthening the company’s ability to compete favourably in meeting set targets. Strong inter-personal skills development is encouraged in relationship management throughout the company and especially with other stakeholders. We believe in employees deploying their energies for the good of all. At Crown Energy Resources, new entrants are products of existing vacancies resulting from business growth and expansion initiatives.