Community Affairs & Security (CAS) Policy Statement

It is the policy of Crown Energy Resources Limited to enhance relationship between the company and host communities with an aim to ultimately reduce operating costs and shutdown arising from unhealthy company-community relationship.

To achieve this, Crown Energy Resources Limited shall:

  • Engage host community chiefs, leaders and youths, to have a good understanding of the community and their appreciation of the company’s expectations and vis-versa
  • Engage a seasoned community relation's officer who shall liaise between the community and company on matters such as youth empowerment / employment of indigenous workers etc.
  • Through the community affairs department, implement the company's community relations’ plan.
  • Manage Community affairs as an integral part of the company's business with a view to maintaining good working relationship between the company and her host communities.
  • Co-operate with the third parties to avoid unnecessary delays, shut down and of course unwarranted loss of man-hour