Health, Safety And Environment (HSE)

Crown Energy Resources Limited maintains sound Health, Safety and Environment policies that meet the stringent international mining industry standards in a secure environment while being sensitive to the needs and concerns of the communities around its areas of operation.

It is the policy of Crown Energy Resources Limited to conduct its activities in a safe manner which ensures good health for its personnel and optimum protection of the environment in addition to careful compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, efficient use of natural resources and waste reduction.

Our employees plan and perform their work in accordance with this policy.

Crown Energy Resources Limited manages its operation to achieve the following HSE targets;

  • Preserve the health, safety and security of the employees and members of the public who may be affected by its operation
  • Minimize the impact of its operation on the environment
  • Maintain sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the host communities around its operational areas
  • Recognize HSE/CAS management as a line responsibility
  • Believe that every job can be done safely
  • Believe that everybody has a joint responsibility for HSE/CAS
  • Recognize unsafe acts and conditions as threats to safety of personnel and assets