Crown Energy Resources is A Solid Mineral Extraction Company


Our Product Is Granite Aggregate Derived From Blasted Rock Deposits
Our product is Granite Aggregate derived from blasted rock deposits that have undergone processing in the crushing machines.

Aggregates could be used to give strength to concrete and asphalt or in creating pleasing architectural landscaping effects. Most civil construction works contain aggregate from the small aggregate particles in your roofing shingles to drainage around pipes. From foundations of bridges to railroad beds and the stabilizing of beaches and inlets, aggregates will be found in structural supports and load bearing beams and platforms.

Aggregates remain the building blocks for all types of residential, commercial and public structural construction projects. At Crown Energy Resources Limited, we blast and process rock deposits (i.e. granite) that are low in Feldspar and high in Biotite and Silica into aggregates that meet our customers’ needs of qualitative and cost-effective products.
The grades of granites produced are:

  • Hardcore 8 inch x 6 inch.
  • Boulders
  • Stone Base
  • 1 inch x 25.3 mm
  • 1 inch x 25.3 mm
  • ¾ inch x 18 / 25 mm
  • Quarry Dust
Our crushing machine capacity is 200MT per hour of crushed aggregates per day.


We Are An Engineering, Oil & Gas, Power, Agricultural & Minning Conglomorate


Environmentally Friendly Processes
Our environmentally friendly processes enable the material to be crushed and screened to diverse specifications using state of the art mobile crushers.

Crushing: The first step in preparing stockpiles for specific uses is movement of the large boulders from the pit into the crushing machines for production of aggregates of usable sizes. The crushers ensure that their various operations results in crushed aggregates of the desired sizes and angularity.
Sizing (screening): The crushed aggregates are separated into individual stockpiles with specific ranges of particle sizes. Our large screening operations have a number of wire mesh screen decks with each deck having progressively smaller openings between the wires. These screens are slanted and empty the material retained on each screen out onto conveyor belts stockpiling.

Stockpiling: We carefully stockpile the processed aggregates using best practices to prevent separation and segregation of the coarse and fine particles within the piles, prevent degradation of the aggregate into more very fine particles, and prevent contamination. Poor stockpiling practices can result in particle size separation even within a pile of limited particle sizes.



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and safe manner and create
exceptional value for our stakeholders



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We ensure that we have at our disposal the following updated codes and standards: ASME Codes | DIN Codes | British Standards. Oilserv Limited is ISO 9001:2008 certified, compliant to the Nigerian Content Law, including OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 260000 (CSR)

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